Pre-register for Flexible connectivity: the role of banks in future trade ecosystems

Bank disintermediation from trade is already happening. This whitepaper by David Gustin, Jason Busch and David Hennah will present corporate and bank research and analysis and highlight the ways in which banks can stay at the centre of connected commercial banking – creating networks for globalized corporates to access the relevant, timely and secure financial services they demand.

  • To what extent are cloud start-ups with “information advantaged” finance models a threat to tomorrow’s stability and growth?
  • Bank intermediated credit is dominant. Long standing relationships die hard but collectively banks must hold more equity today and equity is expensive. Non-traditional players have made great strides. What do corporates think and what services are they adopting?
  • Traditional services such as receivables monitoring and collection, credit assessment, payment guarantees and financing be replaced in an automated fashion by B2B networks. What will the market look like in three to five years?

About the authors

David Gustin is the founder and President of Global Business Intelligence (“GBI”) since 1996 and the cofounder of Trade Financing Matters. For almost 20 years, David has been running a global research and advisory practice centered on helping banks, vendors, and corporates with trade services, trade credit and financial supply chain matters.  His clients included financial institutions, financial technology vendors, transportation vendors and professional service firms.

David Hennah leads the trade and supply chain finance product management team at Misys having joined from SWIFT where he spent 8 years driving the industry body’s financial supply chain strategy. Prior to SWIFT and Misys, David spent over twenty years in different roles at Barclays. He is well known for his work in recent years to bring the ICC Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) to market as an established business practice. David was a member of the ICC BPO Rules Drafting Group and is the author of the ICC Guide to the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations. He is also an Associate of the Institute of Financial Services. David is a regular speaker on panel engagements and contributor to the financial press